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Company Background

AIRCOM Telecommunication offers professional IT and Telecommunication Services consultation with the expertise and commitment to cater to your business and operational needs for maximum efficiency at the lowest cost possible.

Established in 1998, AIRCOM Telecommunication is your reliable and reputable business partner. AIRCOM Telecommunication is serving more than 3,000 clients nationwide – government departments and agencies, government-linked companies, multinational companies as well as small-medium enterprises across all industries (i.e. call centre, retail, insurance, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, logistics, etc.).

The dynamic and fast-changing business scene in today’s world is becoming challenging for many businesses to thrive. Our team is highly committed in the best interest of your businesses. Our solution(s) for your business and operational needs are attractive, personalized, priced at a competitively unbeatable rate.

We dedicatedly take the extra mile to consult and study our clients’ existing operational costs as well as allocated budgets before we work together on the best possible solution(s). We focus not only on the delivery of the solutions, but also the after-sales service support at an urgent and prompt manner. Your satisfaction is our priority.

AIRCOM provides an extensive range of services in these three categories:

  • Telecommunications – We provide high quality, low-cost telephone and integrated communication services (i.e. SIP / Discounted or Unlimited Call Package)
  • Managed Network Infrastructure Services – We build, operate and maintain IT infrastructures based on your needs.
  • Managed Value-Added Services - We offer Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Data Centre Management, Cloud Services and custom-built security applications and solutions.

Our Unique Selling Points

  • FREE consultation / site visit.
  • No hidden or additional charges, except as proposed, allowing for maximum cost savings.
  • All equipment / device needed to support the stated service (i.e. SIP / Unlimited Call Package) is provided throughout the service engagement period without any additional rental fee.*
  • No deposit imposed for the stated service (i.e. SIP / Unlimited Call Package).No deposit imposed for the stated service (i.e. SIP / Unlimited Call Package).
  • Unlimited Call Package = No minimum or maximum usage of calls to all STDs / mobile nationwide and internationally (IDD) every month at the rate proposed.
  • A package with a fixed rate every month, allowing for simpler and more transparent financial administration.
  • All installation / configuration fees are waived.*
  • Compatible with all IP-PBX and phone systems.
  • Fast and efficient technical support is provided at no additional cost whenever necessary throughout the service engagement.*
  • No contract / commitment bound (termination to be notified via an official letter with one month’s prior notice).*
  • Service quality and reliability are guaranteed.
  • Response / Resolve time: 24/7.*
*Terms & Conditions Applied.

Our Products

Multiple-IP Phone Solutions

Multiple-IP Phone Solutions lets companies use a single telephone system across many different physical sites, making this the perfect solution for large corporations with many employees and locations. If your business has many branches, this service will help you to simplify your communication system, saving time and costs.

FTTH Solution

Fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions mean that fiber optics are connected directly to your business or its offices, instead of to the whole building where it will be shared with other tenants. For our low price, you can have much faster service! There are many more great benefits to FTTH

SIP Trunking Services

SIP trunking enables a phone system to send and receive calls through the Internet, using SIP trunks (virtual phone lines) to reach anyone in the world with a phone number. SIP trunking is a very popular service for businesses because it can reach customers more easily, and it takes away the need to pay for traditional phone lines!


IP PBX is a centralized internal communication system that combines multiple technologies into one common network that can be managed and accessed remotely, which will save you time and costs since you are only paying for one system instead of three or four.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet solutions connect clients to a larger existing network. This is a flexible, cost-effective service that upgrades your business to a higher bandwidth but won’t require new equipment or additional training. You will only need to pay for one thing, instead of three!

Broadband Services

Broadband internet is high-speed internet access that is always on, instead of having to connect every time you try to go online. Broadband is much faster and more reliable than outdated dial-up options, and AIRCOM specializes in helping clients move to this modern technology.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from our clients show that AIRCOM provides great services and cost savings for big corporations! Read below for more ratings of our work.

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