When businesses grow beyond a single location or require physical sites in multiple places, it becomes more important than ever to maintain a single ‘look and feel’ for their customers who contact them by phone. Maintaining standard communication practices for staff across multiple geographies also tops the list of crucial to-dos. Add to that the need to control communication costs, and the case is strong for an IP-PBX with Voice over IP solution.

Cloud PBX

PBXact Cloud

Supports up to 5000 licensed extensions and 500 simultaneous calls.

IPPBX for HQ ( 400-1000 users)

PBXact 1000

Supports up to 1000 licensed extensions and 300 simultaneous calls.

IPPBX for branch ( 100~400 users)

PBXact 400

Supports up to 400 licensed extensions and 150 simultaneous calls.

IPPBX for branch ( 0~100 users)

PBXact 100

Supports up to 100 licensed extensions and 60 simultaneous calls.



Support up to 2000 concurrent SIP sessions and transcode 1500 concurrent calls

Media Gateway


Support 1/2/4/8 E1 PRI