The telecommunications industry in Malaysia has been liberalized since 1998 with the enforcement of CMA. TM is no longer the sole commercial company that local authorities and real-estate developers need to consult for the approval of development plans.

The liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Malaysia has opened up the market, allowing for competition and resulting in greater benefits for end-users in terms of pricing and services. For investors and other players who wish to enter the market, an understanding of the various regulations governing activities in the sector is a must.

Typically Arrangement with Telco ,Developer will:

I.Invest into the infrastructure(cabling) inside the building and eventually will handover to TM for them to provide services. II.Pay HIGH contribution fees so that TM will bring in telecommunications services III.Any future revenue acquire from TM in providing telecommunications services WILL NOT be share with the Mall/Building management. ●

To Cooperate With AIRCOM , Developer Will :

I.Invest on the infrastructure(cabling) II.Paid LOW contribution fees to the equipment  so that AIRCOM will provide the internet and telephony services. III.AIRCOM Partner Company (With NSP License ) will Sign the “SURAT KESOKONGAN” once the Project Signoff IV.All future revenue acquire from AIRCOM in providing internet & telephony services WILL be share with the developer.


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