Benefit of Metro Ethernet

High Speed Bandwidth
Metro-E connectivity is available from 4Mbps to 1Gbps and it uses simple, cost-effective extensions to familiar Ethernet LAN technology.
With the unique high scalability feature, Metro-E offers flexible bandwidth upgrades best suited according to your business expansion.
High Scalability
Metro-E enhances the ability to use a network service that is ideal for wide variety of business applications with voice, video and data.
Provides cost-effective solution as shared Metro-E uses common enterprise IT infrastructure and resources to reduce costs. With bandwidth scalability and flexibility, you only pay for what you need.
Metro-E is simple to manage. All that is required is a standard connection from your Ethernet switch or routers to your network.
Future Proof Technology
Metro-E gives you the ‘peace of mind’ to focus on expanding your business to the fullest potential. By deploying Metro-E, your company will no longer need to resort to different technologies to meet your company’s current and future telecommunication needs. 

Network Topology

The service network operates across our very own 10Gbps Ethernet metropolitan area network via fiber-optic connectivity. Our customers will be able to have their sites connected to the same metro area or within different metro areas, depending on their requirements or site locations. Our customers’ networking equipment will be connected to the User Provider Edge (UPE) located at their own premises.