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Multiple Site IP Phone Solutions

Save up to 20% of your Telco Bill! Operate a unified phone system with multi-site companies

Multiple-IP Phone Solutions lets companies use a single telephone system across many different physical sites, making this the perfect solution for large corporations with many employees and locations. If your business has many branches, this service will help you to simplify your communication system, saving time and costs.
  • Keeping all locations operational during local outages.
  • Making communications available for any employee, anywhere, to answer
  • Giving administrators more options for managing system configurations
  • Saving the costs that would come from having multiple systems

FTTH Solution

End-to-end Solution at the fraction of the cost

Fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions mean that fiber optics are connected directly to your business or its offices, instead of to the whole building where it will be shared with other tenants. For our low price, you can have much faster service!
  • High-speed internet access, which can be up to 20x faster than fibers installed to the whole building
  • Better, more seamless access network
  • Improved bandwidth, which means better voice and video
  • Scalability, which can support growth without changing the original fiber

AIRCOM is experienced in every part of installing and managing FTTH solutions, which includes:

  • Network design – planning the optimal fiber network and migration plan
  • End-to-end solutions – managing the entire fiber portfolio, or any related use
  • Project management – overseeing fiber optic splicing, interconnecting, and OTDR
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) – AIRCOM is certified to provide internet to building owners

SIP Trunking Services

Streamlines multiple communication at low cost

SIP trunking enables a phone system to send and receive calls through the Internet, using SIP trunks (virtual phone lines) to reach anyone in the world with a phone number. SIP trunking is a very popular service for businesses because it can reach customers more easily, and it takes away the need to pay for traditional phone lines!
  • Handles video, voice, and messaging applications
  • Streamlines multiple communications through one system
  • Costs less than a traditional phone system
  • Makes international calls easier and less costly

AIRCOM is proud to offer high quality SIP trunking services at a lower cost than competitors. We can also handle upgrades and replacements to your business's existing communication systems at low cost.


No licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees

IP PBX is a centralized internal communication system that combines multiple technologies into one common network that can be managed and accessed remotely, which will save you time and costs since you are only paying for one system instead of three or four.
  • Enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features unified into a single, easy-to-manage solution
  • No licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees
  • Security and reliability that you can trust (SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encryption for strongest possible protection)
  • Different management and access options can be set up
  • Support for up to 800 users and 100 concurrent calls
  • Continual enhancement, with new features and functionalities added every month

Metro Ethernet

Cost-effectiveness and scalability. No new set-up cost

Metro Ethernet solutions connect clients to a larger existing network. This is a flexible, cost-effective service that upgrades your business to a higher bandwidth but won’t require new equipment or additional training. You will only need to pay for one thing, instead of three!
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability – there’s no new set-up or training, and because Metro-E uses common enterprise IT infrastructure, you only pay for what you need
  • Better speed and performance – with simplified networks, you can connect more easily
  • Fully managed – we handle everything from design and deployment to 24/7 monitoring and customer support
  • Security – we offer the best secure private networking and quality of service

Broadband Services

Always on high speed internet access at the lowest cost

Broadband internet is high-speed internet access that is always on, instead of having to connect every time you try to go online. Broadband is much faster and more reliable than outdated dial-up options, and AIRCOM specializes in helping clients move to this modern technology.
  • Better access and security
  • Improved connection speeds, up to 100x faster
  • Increased reliability
  • Support for multiple users across your business
  • Quicker access to cloud solutions and applications
  • Fewer lags and glitches in important communications


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